Listed – The Cheapest Luxury Yacht Rental Options

Dubai is the perfect holiday location for those among you who are seeking a luxurious yet adventure laden experience. Luxury yacht charters are popular in Dubai due to their affordable nature and luxurious amenities they offer. Here are the cheapest superyacht rental options you can find in Dubai.

Luxury Yachts are motor-driven vessels that are distinguished by their magnificent appearance and phenomenal operational expenses. It’s safe to term them as nothing less than floating five-star hotels with any and all amenities that you could want. While the cost to buy such a luxury yacht can arrange anywhere between 7 million AED to 100 million AED, you do not need to shell out that amount of money to enjoy the superyacht experience it offers. Luxury Yacht Charters are immensely popular among both tourists and residents within the UAE as it provides an affordable means to experience a luxury yacht cruise. If you are seeking a cheap boat rental Dubai, then this list of ultra-luxury yachts, each of which is available at cut-rate rental prices, can help!

The Cheapest Luxury Yacht Rental Options


Available for prices starting from AED 1500, Daydream, a product of the prestigious Sunseeker brand, is one of the cheapest luxury yachts you can hire in the UAE. Although it may be available at a cut-rate price, it is certainly not short of any amenities that you would want in a luxury yacht. Coming in at 64ft long, Sunseeker has an onboard capacity of 15 passengers and can accommodate up to six overnight guests. Another feature of note within the vessel includes a spacious flybridge that can provide you with a memorable sunset dining experience.

My Serenity

Also, an offering from Sunseeker, My Serenity is a 70FT luxury yacht that is powered by a 440HP engine boasting a max speed of 28 knots. With an onboard capacity of 21 passengers and an overnight capacity of 8 passengers, My Serenity is the perfect choice for a small gathering of friends, family, or colleagues. The yacht is available for hire in Dubai for prices starting AED 3000 per hour.


Notorious is as close as you can come to crafting a genuinely flawless ship. Coming in at 90ft long, Notorious is so elegantly designed that it exudes class and elegance at every turn. It consists of 1 master bedroom, 1 VIP cabin, and two double cabins and can carry up to 20 passengers and house up to 10 overnight guests. Available to hire for prices starting from AED 4000, Notorious can cruise at a speed of up to 20 knots and is guaranteed to deliver a truly memorable voyage.

Dolce Vita

Build by Numarine; Dolce Vita is a state-of-the-art luxury vessel that is a favorite among customers due to its modest rental prices and elegant design. With one master bedroom, one VIP cabin, and one twin cabin, Numarine, coming in at 105ft, can house up to six overnight guests and has an onboard capacity of 25 passengers. It is ideal for both short cruise durations lasting 2-4 hours and also for full-day yacht charters.

The Luxury Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Top Five CBI Programs to Consider

As an investor, you may be considering the citizenship by investment program but may be unsure of the location. Well, worry not, as we bring to you our top five programs to consider. Click to read more and make an informed decision.

The route to acquiring dual citizenship more often than not is equally tiresome and tedious. There are few countries that take several years either for completion or to simply have the passport ready. While many nations offer rules that are straightforward, the path to acquiring citizenship can be quite challenging. That’s why the CBI program has become a popular option for many potential investors.

It’s a process where an investor who holds the necessary funds makes an investment in a country of choice, and obtains a dual citizenship in return. Immigration permit Cyprus is an option most people tend to consider. The investment will typically include investors investing in real estate sectors, but flat donations to the government can also be done. They then offer it to those who need it the most.

Through this program, individuals can register their organization, work and reside in any location of their choice. In some programs, this can be passed on to generations as well. Now let’s take a look at the top five programs for investors to consider.


This island country is very favorable amongst the European CBI programs. The pleasant weather, low cost of living, and a large community of the British contribute to making it an ideal location. With a Malta citizenship, you can fly to over 180 nations that don’t require a visa, and the best part is it is applicable to every family member. While it’s quick to obtain citizenship, the government follows stringent rules to ensure only deserving candidates are offered citizenship through investment.



Those with a Cyprus citizenship are offered the liberty to fly to over 165 countries, and work and reside as well, as this ensures the country is offered a high ranking in terms of citizenship by investment. The pleasant environment, excellent education, free healthcare, and low crime rate are just some of the many factors that contribute further to the standard of living in Cyprus.

St Lucia

Known to be one of the newest programs, it offers citizens the liberty to fly to over 145 visa-free countries. This is applicable to the whole family and is most certainly one of the most affordable routes to obtaining a dual passport. You don’t have to be a resident, and the application process takes about three months for completion.



Known to be one of the most affordable CBI programs, it is extremely quick and hassle-free. With this, you have the freedom to travel to over 135 countries that are visa-free. There are two ways of obtaining citizenship – through investment to the real estate or a donation to the government. Here, you don’t have to be a resident to acquire citizenship.

St Kitts & Nevis

This program is by far one of the oldest and most reputable CBI programs. Since the catastrophic event in the nation, several adjustments have been made to the program, and movement is now even better. At the moment, through this citizenship, you can travel to over 150 countries. You are offered choices when investing – one is purchasing a real estate, or donating either as a single applicant, an applicant with up to three dependents or with an additional dependent (if there are over 3 members). The entire process takes about four to six months to complete.

Benefits of Renting an SUV In Dubai

There are several advantages equipped with renting an SUV, especially for those who travel with large groups, have a big family, or have to transport cargo on a daily basis. It offers more space, comfort, and luxury, among others. Read on to know more.

In terms of renting  a vehicle, there’s so much that goes into it, when deciding on the type  of vehicle you’d want to rent. This feeling can get overwhelming, so you need  to identify why you need the vehicle and what activities do you plan on conducting.  If you’re a single individual, who just needs a car for your daily chores, or  to commute to work, then a sedan would be just fine. However, if you are a  large-sized family, you would certainly be a bit more inclined towards an SUV car rental.

This vehicle is designed keeping various factors in mind, such as the height,  offering better visibility to drivers, and much more. The height, in fact,  contributes to its ability of driving over uneven roads with ease, and not  scraping the bottom area. As you can see, it’s not just a family vehicle, but  solo-drivers and small families can opt for it as well. Let’s now take a  close look at some of the perks associated with renting an SUV.

SUV Car Rental In Dubai

Large Trunk

Are you one of those  who has the need to transport items regularly? Or perhaps, you enjoy a long  drive, and carry your camping equipment along with you? If the answer is in  the affirmative to either, or both, then there’s no doubt as to why you  shouldn’t consider renting an SUV. The trunk has more space than one would  require, and is certainly far larger than that of a sedan. All this additional  space allows you to be prepared for a road trip at any time of the day, as  you can always store our gears in the trunk.

Better View

With an SUV you get  a clear view of your surroundings and the road, and can easily spot any uneven surfaces on the road beforehand, and avoid them. It also helps in  ensuring that your SUV rental is in a good condition when returning it. What’s  more is, it also prevents the struggles of looking for a parking spot, as it is  quite high, so you get a better look at the parking area.

Better View with an SUV

Higher Passenger Occupancy

As discussed earlier, those who are traveling in a bigger group may not want to consider a sedan. More so, when you have a lot of equipment to carry. In such a scenario, an SUV rental would be the ideal road buddy. Choose the number of seats based on the number of passengers and goods you have to carry.

Essential Products That Should Be a Part of Every Woman’s Face Care Regime

This article is all about facial beauty and the must-have essential that a modern woman must have to ensure looks are on point. From getting rid of a double chin to getting rid of dead skin on your face, this article will enlighten you.

As a woman you the facial care routine might be a lot of work. But you know whatever glitters has to be worked on properly. So, what are the essential products that you must have always to ensure that you continually have that stunning looks? Below are suggestions on the most important products that must always be available in your purse. A girl has to be prepared always.

The V- Lifting Face Mask

The mask was specifically created to provide that perfect v-shaped or as others would put it A-shaped face. It targets women who would like to get rid of the double chin by boosting the lymphatic drainage system as well as tightening the skin. The face mask UAE is perfect for women who prefer a non-invasive procedure to enhance their beauty. For instance, when you lose weight, there is fat that’s always hard to completely get rid of around your neck. The v-lift mask helps you get rid of it to get a tighter neckline.

Four Face Care Products You Should Include in Your Grooming Regime

Facial Exfoliant

You can give your skin an instant but long-lasting glow by exfoliating. This works by “scraping off” the ugly dead cells and leaving your skin with a shiny look. A safe practice is to apply physical exfoliants twice, and chemical exfoliants once or thrice a week; depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Exfoliants often increase the vulnerability of the skin to sunlight which can be solved by supplementing them with a facial sunscreen.

Under Eye Masks

In the cosmetic world, eye masks come highly recommended when trying to get rid of under-eye bags. Puffiness, wrinkles and even dark spots. Basically, eye bag masks are devices that are designed to help with any under-eye probes including under-eye bags. Different eye bag masks work in different ways. Some will require you to fill it with salt water while others don’t. Even so, they all work in the same way by removing any mucus and debris in your sinuses. This will ensure that you have a perfectly healthy under the eye at all times.

Hydrating Cream

The most important role of nourishing cream is to keep the skin hydrated. Our skin loses moisture throughout the day and the vitamin E contained in the cream plays a big role in keeping our skin moisturized. Also, another reason to use the hydrating cream UAE is that, as we wash our bodies with soap, we do remove a protective skin layer that helps to retain moisture.