Microsoft 365 And Its Benefits to Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

Microsoft 365 in Dubai

In today’s date and time, it’s impossible to not know anything about the Microsoft 365. In fact, the employees at your organization are perhaps having daily conversations on it. If you are wondering whether Microsoft 365 is the perfect solution to your company, then let us tell you that the answer is in the affirmative. Microsoft 365 in Dubai, is a software that will aid your employees in working together towards more efficient methods. It is more than just a set of tools; it is a new approach to working. Here, we bring to you the seven benefits SMB have when using it.

Simple and Straightforward

At times, maintaining a software can be a daunting task. With M365, however, it ensures a simplified operation and that every user (employee) has the same version with automatic update for everyone at the same time. In addition to being easily accessible from any location and at any time, it also takes care of recovery, data backup and security of every device. This feature ensures it stays up and running at all times.


As an organization, you can select any plan depending on the number of users. It comes equipped with various features and is extremely affordable.

24/7 Access

The Office 365 easily synchronizes with any device such as mobile phones, tablets and laptop, allowing easy access to your contacts, calendar, and files, among others. This way you can go through any document or file required at any time and given location.

Microsoft 365 And Its Benefits to Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

Easy to Scale

The best part about M365 is you can easily add or delete users (employees) by adding or subtracting the license. In addition, it offers you the flexibility to mix and match the applications based on the needs of your business.

Work Collectively

Through Office 365 employees can work together, share message directly, and work collectively on shared files. Through share point, one can easily share files and set their own criteria to manage the document. In addition, it offers an option to upload videos as well. The video is streamed from Microsoft Azure.

Strong Security

The robust security system assures the safety of all your documents stored on the database. It also scans every email, document and message to prevent spams and virus. The Office 365 has a built-in security features, so in case you lose a device, you can remotely wipe off all data stored in it.

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